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Supernatural: I'm No Angel AU drabble :iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 7 1
SuperWhoLock Stamp by KatrinaKay SuperWhoLock Stamp :iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 130 5
Doing Some Research
It's a Saturday night, and instead of a million other more enjoyable Saturday night pastimes, the Winchester brothers are up to their eyeballs in research.
Dean can't even see Sam around the stack of books on the table in their hotel room. He's wedged between the wall and the bathroom door, reading yet another ancient text on the Great and Demonic What's-His-Nuts, and they've been researching for three and a half hours now, and Sam has been awfully quiet for the last one.
"Sammy, you awake over there?"
He tries to lean around the books at the edge of the table to where Sam is sitting and ends up with his face inches from Castiel's.
"Your brother left forty-five minutes ago."
Dean startles, knocking volumes and loose papers to the floor as he flails backward.
"Dammit, Cas! You almost gave me a freakin' heart attack."
"Sorry." Castiel picks up a few of the books and puts them back on the table in a tidy stack.
"Where the hell did Sam go?" Dean rubs at his blurry eyes. He's really not cut
:iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 12 1
Cat Got Your Thumb?
When Sherlock returns, not much has changed. The flat's the same – well, a bit tidier – and London continues to be full of criminals, some more intelligent than others. Except the faces around him are more haggard, and when he kisses John, there's still a brief hesitation before John kisses him back.
And then there's the cat.
He almost steps in the beast's food bowl, his mind assuming that since the flat appears unchanged, it must be so. Stupid.
John is busy wrestling with a soup tin across the kitchen and doesn't bother turning around.
"Yes, Sherlock, what is it? Have I stored yet another piece of equipment incorrectly? I don't see what was so wrong about where I put those test tubes, they were perfectly fine."
"A cat, John? Would have thought you more of the dog type."
The tin clatters on the countertop. When he turns to Sherlock, John looks a bit embarrassed.
"Oh, er, I forgot to tell you, didn't I?"
Sherlock just watches him.
"I'll go and get him, then. He'
:iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 17 10
Kiss Mycroft, He's Wasted
"Sherlock, we need to get your brother drunk."
Sherlock and John looked up from the Cluedo board, recently removed from the far wall, to see a frazzled, frowning Greg Lestrade standing in the doorway of 221B.
"What?" John looked flabbergasted and amused, grinning when his eyes met Sherlock's.
Greg flopped down onto the couch with a sigh. "He showed up at the Yard again and started telling me how to improve my surveillance for the Braxton case. In front of the Detective Superintendent, who then asked me why I had brought my boyfriend to work. Donovan and Anderson had a field day, everyone was laughing at me…"
"Surely you're above caring what people think?" Sherlock was focused on the Cluedo board, only a small grin betraying his glee.
"Well, yeah, but I don't tell him how to do his job, whatever it is. He needs to just get off my back and- I swear, I haven't seen him do anything fun-"
"Mycroft, having fun? While you're clearly dazzled by whatever
:iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 100 39
Run Him Like a Blade preview
Mrs. Hudson had told him to wear a scarf or at least a thicker jacket, but John Watson barely felt the bone-numbing chill of the late fall air as he stood by the grave. It was too beautiful a day for such a gloomy errand, but John's attention was focused on more important things than the beautiful blue sky or crisp, vibrantly colourful leaves. Faded flowers were propped against the black marble headstone, brought by Mrs. Hudson a few weeks ago. It had been two months since he had barely controlled himself enough to walk away from Sherlock Holmes' final resting place without crying (too unmanly, crying in public, even at a loss that left him feeling as though his insides had been torn out and never replaced.)
Back then, he had wiped his eyes and walked away. Eight weeks later, it was getting more and more difficult to walk away from his weekly visits with any conviction that his therapist was right about grief. It hadn't lessened, only shifted, becoming less raw but more unbearably heav
:iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 1 6
Heat and Pressure preview
There was blood on the wall and on his face, although he was quite sure that some of it wasn't his own. The man might have been a jeweler but he certainly fought like someone who didn't have any qualms about trying to break someone's jaw. A switchblade in the hands of that lunatic would have been enough to deal with even if he had been armed, but his gun had flown into a corner somewhere as they fought and he was bloody screwed, being beaten to a pulp by a traitor. The jeweler had loomed over him for a split second before lunging…and then fallen as a gunshot rang off the marble. He wheezed to his feet to face his savior and saw Kate holding his gun with shaking hands.
Lately, every time they worked together, everything went to hell.
She had played the part magnificently; he had to give her that, although, with her customary stubbornness, she had yet again taken it too far. Outside of the jeweler's, he had warned her that failing to play her part could cost them dearly, but she
:iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 0 0
A Shadow Ascendant preview
"Would you please tell your mother than I'm fine, Cassidy? Tell her Aunt Julia says she's fine. Actually, put her on the phone, would you? – Yes, I know she's making dinner, just tell her that I need to talk to her – Love you too, pumpkin."
Julia sighed with annoyance as she heard her sister arguing with her niece before Amanda's voice squawked over the phone line. "Hello, Amanda – yes, I know you're busy – I just don't think you should have told Cassidy about what happened. She's only four, and she wouldn't have known if you hadn't – For the last damn time, I'm fine, Amanda. It was weeks ago – yes, I've been going to the therapist – well, I'll try and call you sometime next week – tell Cassidy I said happy Halloween – alright, bye."
After she had hung up the phone, Julia took out a microwave dinner and popped it in, watching the tray travel around in slow circles as memories of the events of four weeks ago crowded into her mind...
:iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 0 0
Ulterior Emotions preview
For five years the operahouse had stood undisturbed, the tragic events which had taken place there forgotten or at lease unmentioned except by those closest affected. No living creature stirred within its walls, save that of an occasional pigeon or rat that happened to seek a home inside its vacant rooms.
The Phantom's fire had take its toll on the operahouse. Sections of the walls were charred or obliviated. A fine layer of dust and ash coated almost every surface. In the midst of the destruction lay the infamous chandelier, a reminder of what had passes on that fateful night five years ago.
No attempt to rebuild the magnificent structure had been made, nor any attempt to sell the building. Though most believed the Phantom had either been killed in his own fire or fled, a general feeling of uncertainty and caution was upheld. No one dared enter the operahouse for fear of the Phantom's horrific rage and grief. Monsters such as he, they believed, were best left alone and u
:iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 0 0
Intrigue preview
The island was calm, warm salt breezes drifting over the sand dunes that bordered the ocean. Violet Baudelaire sat, cradling the sleeping Beatrice in her arms and staring across the vast expanse of blue. Her hair was long, too long for a ribbon to do much good, although she still wore her faded pink adornment out of habit.
The toddler stirred in her arms, rumpling Violet's crisp white dress. Klaus and Sunny walked along the shore, almost out of sight, Klaus's dark hair and Sunny's dishwater curls flying in the gusts flitting off the ocean as they searched for shells and other debris the ocean deposited on the shores of the almost-empty island after tremendous storms, the likes of which had kept the Baudelaires ensconced in their tree home the night before.
Violet sighed, and continued to search the horizon. She wasn't sure what she sought, only that her mind had convinced itself that something was coming, whether good or ill she could not say. She stood with a wobble, careful not to dr
:iconkatrinakay:KatrinaKay 0 0
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Katrina Kay

Wed May 30, 2012, 5:37 AM


My main artistic endeavor these days is writing fanfiction. Check out the preview chapters posted in my gallery and then head over to FanFiction.Net or AO3 to read them in full.

pixel art

For those of you interested in my pixel creations, I no longer doll - I've just lost interest and/or free time. I've uploaded my last dolls here, and I suppose Je Suis Katrina is still floating around the internet.


For those of you interested in my photomanips, I would like to continue making photomanips in the future but no telling when - keep an eye out for some new pieces. I have a few prints up for sale still.


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